So, perhaps you thought you were coming to a home restoration site?

Kinda sorta.

Restore Your House is my personal evolution of home restoration.  I’ve been living in and loving old homes all across the United States.  Growing up in a small town on the North East in a big Edwardian House.  Moving to the South East and living in a gently decaying prewar apartment.   Moving to the Mid West to a post war apartment and then moving west again to Los Angeles with first a Craftsman, and then a transitional home  where I live now.  It’s been over 50 years and I think I’m settled in, but never say never.

During those years I’ve always restored homes.  Starting as a kid with my parents, and then with friends.  In the last 30 years its been with my husband and many talented crafts people, but most importantly a craftsman named Fructuoso.

Restoring houses has given me more than award winning homes to live in.  As the houses were being fixed, I tackled my share of self improvement projects as well.  Oddly, the process of restoring old houses  transformed me.  Made me more balanced and centered.  Made me focus on the big picture, but take joy in seeing little results.   Made me (I like to think), a better person.

Restoration taught me three important things:

  • First, the value of handmade.
  • Second, the importance of giving.
  • Third, that life is about loving, and learning to love.

This spot is about those three things with a lot of focus on home restoration.  Perhaps in visiting it will help you restore your house, too.