Cut Fabric with a digital cutter

Oct 10th

Only a few of you will remember the lead male star of “The Partridge Family”, and know that the correct title for this post should be: Peace, Love, and Bobby Sherman.  But while Peace and Love are still strong contenders in my life, Bobby is not. I’ve given up mooning about him, and moved on to something that can actually fulfill my dreams, my digital cutter!

Who knew you could cut fabric with a digital cutter?

Cut fabric with a digital cutter featured image

When my daughter arrived home from school and informed me that next week was “Peace Week”, I  whipped out the digital design software  (I use Make-the-Cut and Klic-n-Kut software) and made her a Peace shirt in her favorite colors.  She picked out the fabric for the applique, and I got to play with the fabric blade and some double sided repositionable fusible web (I used Steam-a-Seam).  It was so easy to cut fabric with a digital cutter, she had her Peace shirt ready to wear the next day.  But don’t expect it to stand up to repeated washing! In order to do that, you’ll have to get out the sewing machine and stitch around the pieces.  I used small zig zag stitch spaced very close together.

The shirts got a  lot of wash and wear over a year, and I can’t really say that they held up well, even with the stitching.  The backing eventually buckled in places, and started to look shabby.  But given that the shirts were outgrown by the time they started looking careworn, I won’t complain.

You can learn how to work with fabric applique, using your digital cutter  and  your fabric blade in this video.

Here’s a look at the Peace Shirt.

Cut fabric with a digital cutter photo 1

Peace Shirt

And while I was at it, I had to make a little Love, too.


Cut fabric with a digital cutter photo 2

Love Shirt

Sorry Bobby, nothing for you!