Fairy Packet

Feb 26th

Recently at our house there was a party to celebrate a young fairy receiving her new wings. As  fairy mothers know, when their  baby grows up, they outgrow their wings!   Much as human children get a new set of teeth, fairy children get a new set of wings.  This is a very joyful event, and a special ceremony is involved in the presentation of the new wings.

Fairy Packet Wings

Of course for festivities such as this, only the most fancy and proper invitations will do.   So we designed a fairy packet to hold all the invitation material that the fairy’s friends needed to attend the festivities.

Fairy Packet Photo 2

Fairy Packet Invitations

We used standard white card stock for the outside.

Fairy Packet Photo 3

Outer Cardstock and Inner liner

and then decorated it with tea stain, stamps and markers.

Fairy Packet Photo 4

Staining with Tea

We backed the cut out section with glitter paper to show through

Fairy Packet Photo 5

Fairy Packet ready to score

and lined the inside with plain white paper to make it  neat.

Fairy Packet Photo 6

Inside finished with brad and Ribbon for closure

We had lots of things to put inside the packet!   A small book, stickers, coloring sheets, pins, letters, photos and most importantly, the invitation.  It held quite a bit of fairy paraphernalia!

Fairy Packet Photo 7

Envelope Contents

We turned to the magic of the KNK Studio software to create our design for the fairy packet.  We found a raster image in public domain on the web that we used as a starting point.  The image was vectorized, and then modified to create the final image used on the packet.  You can find more detailed information on how the packet was made and put together in the video.

Fairy Packet Photo 8

Side View

We are happy to report that the fairies had a very lovely time at the party.  You can read more about the Fairy Party here.

Fairy Packet Photo 9

Close up of front

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