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Mar 3rd
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What is the age of Magic?  Is it 4, 5, 6?  The age when children believe they can transform themselves into something powerful and amazing, just by putting on the right costume.  The age where they can become what they dream by slipping into special clothing, and  transform themselves into someone in an alternate world of their imagining.

Perhaps in your house that transformation results in a princess, or a dragon, or a pirate, or a superhero.  In our house it was a fairy.   How often will you get to be part of the magic, or  help make it?  Well, by making a fairy party, you can.  That is what we did for a 5 year old girl and a few of her friends.

Fairy party magic happens with thorough planning

Be warned, it takes quite a bit of planning and hard work to make a fairy party.  But magic is like that, isn’t it?   So relax, get ready to plan,  have a lot of fun, and make some magic that will never be forgotten.

If there is one thing, just one thing that is key to making your fairy party a success, it is organized and thoughtful planning.  Spreadsheets with schedules and timelines are your friends – make them and follow them!  Make and incorporate your lists.

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for your fairy party.   For the fairy party we did, planning started three months in advance.  This gave  time to get ready without too many sleepless nights, and was a lot less stressful.  Magic disappears with stress!

To make the fairy party extra special, most items were custom made for each attendee.  Confirm that guests can come, before the invitations are sent.  Each carer supplied their child’s shoe size, waist measurement, chest measurement, height, and favorite color.  This was so each costume and accessory  for the fairy party would be a proper fit for each child, and they would get a color that they loved.  No two fairies are alike, and no two of the fairy party guests would be, either.

Each fairy party guest received an invitation packet that had a story about a fairy, the actual invitation (printed on a leaf shaped piece of paper); fairy coloring sheets (clip art freeware images), gem stickers in their favorite color, a list of Fairy FAQs (as children are very inquisitive at that age about Fairies), assorted fairy trinkets, a big butterfly pin (again in their favorite color), and a fairy wand (in their favorite color).

Fairy Party Photo 2

The day of the Fairy Party

On the day of the fairy party, guests will arrive with about a half hour spread of the first to the last.  Have an activity for them to do while they are waiting for everyone to gather.  As our fairy party was on a sunny, warm day, we had a table set up outside with big jewel stickers and glitter glue and stick on hearts – things that were not too messy and that little fingers could easily use.  Each fairy party guest got a fairy headband and a pair of flip flops (size and color appropriate) to decorate as they saw fit.  Flip flops were chosen because there was going to be water play later, and this way each child had shoes that could handle dripping wet feet.

Once all the guests had arrived, and finished their shoes and headband, they sat together and listened to a wise grandmother read them the fairy story they had gotten in their invitation packet.  This set the stage for what would happen that day  at the fairy party – that when a fairy turns 5 years old, she gets a new set of wings.

Fairy Party Photo 3

Grandmother Reads

At this point, custom fabric baby fairy wings were handed out to all the children to put on (of course, in the appropriate color scheme once again).

Headband, wings, flip flops:  time to also pass out the fairy party bag (in their color), stenciled with the design that was on their invitation packet.  Each bag had a tag with the child’s name on it to keep tabs.  As all the children’s adults were in attendance, this helped them keep the trinkets together.  A separate table and seating area was set aside in the yard with adult refreshments so they could relax or participate as they saw fit.

Fairy Party Photo 4

Baby Fairy Wings

Wise grandmother informed all the children that the fairies on the island (our back story told of fairies that lived on an island)  had suffered a terrible storm, and that many of their homes had been damaged.   But they were all fine, as they are resourceful creatures.  But they were in need of some building materials.  Could the children help them?  Each child was given a small chiffon bag and a list of “building supplies” that were needed:  stones, pinecones, leaves, twigs, moss.  This was the second activity of the fairy party, to fill the bags for the fairy rebuilding effort.  Wise grandmother told them she was going back to the island in a few days, and would take the supplies with her.  “When you do good deeds for others” said wise grandmother “sometimes you find yourself rewarded too”.  At this point the children went into the back yard for their scavenger hunt.



Fairy Party Photo 5

Searching for Building Materials

 But while they were looking for the fairy rebuilding supplies, they found some other goodies hidden in the yard as well for them.  By this point the children were pretty good at sorting out the colors, so eventually everyone wound up with one of everything in their own special color.

Fairy Party Photo 5

Mask and Necklace in Custom Colors

In the yard, some children opted for refreshments right away – strawberry smoothies and cookies.


Others headed over to one of the two toadstools at the Fairy Fancy Beauty Spa.

Fairy Party Photo 6

One of the many treatments available at the spa

Here they could pick the color nail polish they wanted, the color hair spray they wanted, the color eyeshadow and lipstick.  We bought tiny samples for all the items at a beauty supply store.  The ones that they picked went in their fairy party bag after they were used.

Setting up the Fairy Fancy Beauty Spa was simple.  A couple of tables, couple of chairs, and a couple of helpers who served the patrons.  Decorating was easy, too.  Just a sign made of letters cut out on the digital cutter, and some magical toadstools for the patrons to sit on while they got their services.  (Now ever since I’d stumbled across Martha Stewart’s toadstools, I wanted an excuse to make a couple of those toadstools.  I followed her directions pretty much to the letter, but when it came to shaping the felt over the foam, I headed on down to an upholstery shop with the supplies, and let their expertise make perfect, tight domes.   I had ordered thick felt to make a sturdy stool, and I just did not have the strength or tools to get that nice, tight fit.  Here is where planning comes in.  From ordering the supplies to getting the upholstery done took quite a bit of time.  I was up the night before the party needle felting the white circle bits into the red felt because the stools took longer than the upholsterer estimated.  But since everything else was under control by then, I had the time to do it.)

Fairy Party Photo 7

the fairy fancy beauty spa

Fairy party guests also got to have a go at that traditional fairy party perennial, Pin the Tail on the Unicorn.  A quick internet search on coloring pages for fairies turned up Phee McFaddell’s website.  Perfect!  she has a fairy riding a unicorn coloring page! ( Phee McFaddell’s site also has many other wonderful things to recommend it, beautiful quality and spirit is there! )  It was then colored in Adobe Illustrator,  enlarged,  mounted on foam core board and had large grommets set in the corner, so it was easy to hang.  A few horns were made and it was good to go.  The party hostess now has it hanging in her bedroom.

Fairy Party Photo 8

pin the horn on the unicorn

At some point during this time, the balloon man came over and twisted up balloons for the children.  He made them whatever they wanted.   They ran themselves around the yard with the magical wands and wings and rainbows he created for their fairy party fantasy.

Fairy Party Photo 9

Balloon Man

By this point the children were ready to let off a little steam, so off with their wings and on with their bathing suits.  It is hard to find an activity that generates more squeals of laughter than playing  under the sprinklers and squirting with the hose.  When they had cooled down, it was time for some fancy cupcakes (yes, a cupcake with the proper colored flower for each child)

Fairy Party Photo 9

Flower Cupcakes

and  chocolate covered strawberries.

Fairy Party Photo 10


Then they lined up and got their faces and hands clean and headed into the carriage house to change out of their wet suits.  The inside of the carriage house had been transformed with over 200 balloons hanging from the rafters.  And lying on the sofas and chairs and tables in there were piles of clothing with each child’s name on it.  Their fairy costume.

Fairy Party Photo 11

Pink Costume

Each child had their own leggings, pettiskirt, overskirt, leotard, crocheted socks and satin laced shoes and custom made headband with bows ( in their size and color).

And then the ceremony began where they each were given their own set of grown up fairy wings made just for them.  There will be a separate post on making the fairy party costume parts here:

  • Baby fairy wings with pattern
  • Grown up fairy wings
  • Fairy overskirt and pettiskirt with pattern

Then it was time to go home.  Tired, happy fairies that all had very sweet dreams that night and for many more to come.


Fairy Party Photo 12

Time to go home

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