Memorial Painting in Lieu of a Card

Aug 27th
post memorial painting featured image

Memorial paintings in small formats can serve well as an alternative to traditional flowers or cards in expressing  sympathy.  When  a friend of mine lost their father,  I wanted to send a message  that focused on the good feelings they had shared with Dad, not a card that focused on the sadness they were feeling.  A memorial painting helped  put perspective on the positive, loving times they had shared.  It highlighted the good things that made a bond lasting through both their lifetimes.


Post Memorial Painting photo 1

Memorial Painting

This is an option that almost anyone can make.   You don’t have to be an artist  (I don’t consider myself one, having no more training than what I got in  public elementary school).   Any type of media can be used.   In this example acrylics were used, but adding other mediums could certainly enhance your message.  Using photos, small die cut images, paints and other ephemera along with or independent of the paint would all work well.  Once a friend told me what they remembered most about their Dad was his tatoos and the scratchy stubble that always seemed to be on his cheeks and chin when they kissed him as a child.  How about a piece of sandpaper painted or inked with that tatoo design as a memorial painting?

Because the canvas was small,  just 2 inches square, it worked up in just a few hours with acrylics.   You can get small canvas at craft stores like Michael’s, which is where the canvas and easels (unpainted) came from.

Around the edges is painted a sentiment.   The small easel was painted to compliment the painting.  OK, truth be told, I hate wasting paint, and those colors were left on the pallet when I was done with the painting itself.


Post Memorial Painting Photo 2

Side of canvas showing inscription

Next time you are in need of expressing your sympathy in a different way, why not give a memorial painting a try?