Matryoshka – From Russia with love

Apr 22nd
Group of felt matryoshka stuffies

Needing to make a few party favors for a little girl’s birthday, I hit upon the idea of making Matryoshka – Russian nesting dolls.  I decided to make them out of felt, and needed sturdy pattern pieces to trace the design with.  I created the design in Make-The-Cut software, and then printed it out on oaktag as the pattern.

Group of felt matryoshka stuffies

Using MTC was nice because I could easily resize to make a series of them later.

3 Sizes Matryoshka

I could have cut them out with the cutter, but it was faster to do it by hand as I was using many different colors of felt to make each one unique.

The pattern was easy to make by using basic shapes and modifying some with the pen tool in the nodes mode.

While I was at it, I decided that this would be good to cut out of paper, too, so I added a few more pieces to the design to make it a paper piecing project.  I didn’t want to dig around for paper.  Ah Ha!   A few brightly colored paint chips were laying on the desk, a perfect size to use.  Now I’m not advocating  that you use paint chips, but hey, they are free and come in every color you want.

Maytryoshka paint chips photo

using paint chips

Paper Piecing : Matryoshka

Here are the steps in pictures.

Matryoshka piecing parts

Parts for the Matryoshka: Top Row L to R – Base, hair, eye/hair, kerchief. Bottom Row, L to R – mouth, face, flower color, dress. Small pink piece in middle is a leaf for flowers.


Cut out your parts.  You’ll need a base, a dress section with flowers cut out, a solid dress section the color you want your flowers to be, face, hair if you want a color other than black, eye and hair section, mouth section, kerchief, leaves.

Glue the flower color of dress to base.  Then glue dress with flower cutouts over this.

Matryoshka 1

Glue flower color to base

Next make the face.  If you are going to have hair color other than black, glue it onto the black piece.

Matryoshka build 2 photo

Glue Hair to Eye Color

Then take the face and glue the mouth onto it.

Matryoshka build 3 photo

Glue mouth to back of face

Then glue this onto the hair/eyes.

Matryoshka face with kerchief photo

Face with Kerchief


Then glue this onto the hair/eyes.  Above you’ll see the completed face and the paint chip that I cut the leaves out of.  Save this piece, along with the leaves.  You will use it as a glue template.


Matryoshka build 5 photo

Head attached to body

Glue on the kerchief.


Matryoshka build 6 photo

Glue on kerchief

Now glue on the leaves.  Using the template (piece of paper) from which the leaves were cut, align it over the flowers, and place glue in each spot.


Matryoshka build 7 photo

leaf template


Complete Matryoshka photo

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